Experts in Helping Plumbers To Get Started on a Plumbing Career

Telegraph Canyon Plumbing School has been helping plumbers for over 20 years. We have trained over 1000 plumbers to go out and to be successful plumbers. We have countless reviews from individuals who started with no knowledge of plumbing. We walked them through our program. They have become overly successful in the plumbing industry. Because of this we are so excited about bringing our program to you. We believe that we have the resources to take you to become a top level plumbing company. In months you will go from just having a few leads to establishing yourself within your community as a trusted plumber. See below one of our trained plumbers.

Getting Started in the Plumbing Industry

Do you know anything about plumbing? Do you have some experience in plumbing? Where do you get plumbing license? What about plumbing insurance? Where do you get your forms to give to your clients. Our extensive program takes you through every detail of each of these questions and more. We teach how to unclog a sink, how to tell when a septic system is full and much much more.

Getting Started with Leads

We walk you through the process of teaching you how to get your very first leads. Depending on the program you choose, we will even come to your area and help set up a system that will help you establish plumbing leads. We use lots of different techniques to get customers: from SEO to door to door marketing techniques to using websites like HomeAdvisor. We recognize that obtaining leads is the lifeblood of the plumbing business. Without the recurring leads you will not have a successful business.

Getting Started with Your Clients

How do you dress? What does your truck look like? How do you communicate with your clients? Everything is about developing yourself as an authority in the field of plumbing even if you have only been doing it for 2 months. A great level of authority comes through how we present ourselves on the phone and in person. We walk you through the basics of what this looks like. We will also provide you with the necessary forms that you will need to be successful. Forms that help you with writing out your bid. Forms that will help you send reminders to clients about upcoming needed checks. We do all of this for you.

Our Top Level Plumbing Program

We offer a six week plumbing course that will take you from the beginning to the end. Our videos provide you with on sight plumbing experts who will show you exactly what they do with when they are on the job. You will have first hand insight into the problems and solutions that they will use. We also offer a quick reference book as well that will help you while you are on the field. We also have an extensive approach to using YouTube. We also offer ride ins with local plumbers that will help you get trained in a mentoring type relationship.

Testimonies from former students:

“I can’t say enough about Telegraph Canyon. I went from working in the grocery store to making $8 an hour to having my own plumbing company up and running in 6 months. I now make 10x more than I did. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that I would have owned my own plumbing company.” Ted owner of The Best Plumbing Company (check out his website)

Fabulous school. I went spend double for it.‘ Billy owner of Ray’s Plumbing

‘The videos alone are worth the amount of money you spend on this courses.‘ Dave from Smith’s Plumbing

“I started about 2 years ago. I am very happy to report that I have grown my business to places I never would have thought. It has freed me up financially as well as provided me with the free time that I wanted as a business owner. I couldn’t have done it without them.” Jimmy owner of Jimmy’s Plumbing (check out his website).

“Loved the video tutorials. Loved the hands on approach that Telegraph Canyon gives to each plumber. I can’t say enough about there efforts to make me a successful plumber.” Glenn owner of Peak’s Plumbing Company (here)

“Although I chose to go a different direction, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the tools that they use to make you successful at any business. I ventured in the tree cutting business and yet I used the process, the forms and the advice to become successful in this industry. David owner of Home Tree Cutting Service (here).